Defensive Rifle

Instructor: Jerrod Baugh
Cost: $200
Deposit: $50
Class Size: 10 people
Ammo Count: 400 rounds

2023 Class Dates: 
 Sunday 8am-6pm at Lebanon Police Range

Class Description:
This class is for those who have purchased a magazine fed rifle and wish to learn how to deploy it for personal protection. This class has a high round count, and the student should be ready to be physically active for the entire class. Shooter Safety is of high importance with this firearm, and attention to detail is very important. The student must be prepared to adhere to a strict muzzle disciple/control regiment.

Course Objectives:
• Firearms Safety including home storage
• Common rifle malfunctions and discussion
• Sighting in the rifle for defensive use
• Legal issues related to the use of the firearm
• Safe use of the firearm in personal protection
• Carrying and deployment of the rifle/Slings and their limitations
• Shot placement on the human body for maximum effectiveness
• Use of the mounted light
• Shooting positions with cover
• Moving and shooting
• Search techniques for your residence

Equipment Requirements:
Bring your own magazine fed rifle (AR-15, AR-9, CZ Scorpion, HK, etc…), five magazines, magazine belt pouch, sling, weapon mounted is recommended, cleaning kit, great attitude and 400 rounds of factory ammo.