GFA Designated Marksman Class

Instructor: Jerrod Baugh
Cost: $200
Deposit: $50 Class is full for 2023
Class Size: 8 people
Ammo Count: 300 rounds, Lebanon, Indiana

2023 Class Dates: Class is Full for 2023
Saturday September 30, 2023 from 8am-6pm (This class has always filled early, make the deposit) Lebanon, Indiana

Class Description:
This class will be geared toward the responsible citizen or officer who has already received training with the standard AR15 rifle and is now wanting training directives and qualification with a low powered scoped AR15 type platform of rifle. The range of engagements and qualification will be 15-200 yards. This is not an introduction to the AR, please have a working knowledge of the platform before attending.

Course Objectives:
• DM weapons system abilities and limitations.
• DM optics fundamentals and zeroing.
• Understanding of Your external ballistics and range factors.
• Supported and unsupported shooting positions for qualification.
• Range estimation in the field.

*This is a 10 hour class, we have planned to get the most out a full training day with your scoped rifle. Come spend a great day of running that scoped AR (America's Rifle).

Equipment Requirements:
AR type rifle in any centerfire caliber capable of 1.5 inch groups at 100 yards. Magnified optic mounted securely on a flattop upper (I would recommend variable power under 10x with no external turrets or adjustable objective, not a sniper class). A bipod mounted to the forearm of the rifle. Sling and at least (2) 20 round and (1) 30 round magazines. Clothing for the climate including headgear. Eye and ear protection. Snacks and water on the range. Note taking material. 300 rounds of quality ammo. Hours are LETB certified.